Whether it’s to work, to school, to the casino, to the mall or to the heart of downtown Erie, the “e” takes you there. Our region – from Erie to Edinboro – has so many exciting and diverse destinations for recreation, shopping and fun, and you can get there on the e!The “e” is also complemented by the Bayliner Trolley for downtown travel, the LIFT for those needing mobility assistance and the Water Taxi for travel to and from Presque Isle State Park.Are you ready to ride?

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  • Talking Buses to hit the streets June 20, 2016

    APC Launch SM PhotoAPC Launch SM Photo



    JUNE 20, 2016- ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA- Five APC’s (Automated Passenger Counters) and AVA’s (Automated Voice Announcers) will launch to the streets of Erie. The newly added technology improves the accuracy of EMTA’s ridership reports as well as the overall rider experience.


    Automated Passenger Counters track boarding and alighting information based upon bus stop. The technology uses infrared beams which are triggered when riders enter or exit the vehicle. APC’s will improve the accuracy and reliability of EMTA’s ridership reports as well as track ridership patterns. These patterns will allow EMTA to make operational adjustments based upon ridership volume.


    Automated Voice Announcers, which are powered by satellite based position information, provides passengers automated bus configuration announcements. As a requirement from the Americans for Disabilities Act, all bus operators are to announce major intersections, transfer points, and places of major interest. AVA’s allow drivers to focus on driving while announcing bus configuration automatically.


    EMTA is offering a short demonstration of the newly added technologies at the Intermodal Transportation Center on June 20th at 10am.  All media and interested patrons are welcomed to attend.

  • Corry School Kids Ride for Free- Summer 2016



    Ridership remains steady on the 105 Corry Loop. Next Fall EMTA plans to launch a modified school loop to get kids to and from school. In order to get the kids comfortable with riding public transit, EMTA will allow any student to ride the 105 Corry Loop for free. The promotion will be from June 13th-August 19th. In order to ride for free, all students most show their Corry school I.D. to the driver. Get on board today!


    See schedule here: http://www.ride-the-e.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Corry-Schedule.pdf


  • eCollege Stickers NOW AVAILABLE!

    eCollege stickers are now available at your local universities or any EMTA office. If receiving your sticker from EMTA, please bring proof of enrollment. Get on board with us today!

  • New Schedule Layout





    New layout, same system. Soon riders may notice interlined routes on separate schedules. But no worries, routes will remained interlined.

    The simple new layout, brought to EMTA by transit peers, allows schedules to be easier to understand. The last column lists where and what the bus changes over to.

    Interlined routes allow riders to travel across town without having to transfer buses. There is no additional fee for traveling on interlined routes.

    Look for these schedules on our buses, in the community, and at our offices in the next few weeks. Get on board with us today!


  • Free Securement Straps Available

    EMTA will now offer FREE securement loops for riders using mobility devices.

    The loops will help to improve the securement process on EMTA buses. Any interested riders can call Rob Blanchard at 814-452-3515 x 128 for more information.

  • Route Name changes

    Route name changes:

    M1 is now Route 1-Glenwood

    M3 is now Route  3-Peach Street

    M4 is now Route 4- Liberty Street

    11 is now Route 11- Harborcreek

    12 is now Route 12- Albion

    13 is now Route 13- Corry

    14 is now Route 14- Edinboro

    15 is now Route 15- E. 38th Street

    16 is now Route 16- Northeast

    21 is now Route 21- Lawrence Park

    22 is now Route 22- Tacoma

    23 is now Route 23- Belle Valley

    24 is now Route 24- McClelland

    25 is now Route 25- Wesleyville

    27 is now Route 27- State Street

    28 is now Route 28- Erie Heights

    29 is now Route 29- Asbury

    30 is now Route 30- West Millcreek

    31 is now Route 31- Frontier

    32 is now Route 32- Westlake


  • Schedule changes in effect for June 18, 2016

    Schedule changes in effect for June 18, 2016

    • Route 22/31/32
      • time adjustments
    • Route 29
      • Time adjustments ( Serving Walmart/Wegmans all trips)
    • Route M3
      • Servicing Vo Tech every hour (Erie County Tech School)
    • Route 23:
      • Servicing  Green Township Building
      • Time adjustments
    • Route 16:
      • Now servicing North East Manor
    • Route 27
      • Time adjustments

    EFFECTIVE MAY 2, 2016:

    Due to issues with our 20-Ride passes, EMTA will temporarily suspend the sale of this product until the issue is resolved.

    In order to accommodate, we will be lowering the price of the 5-Ride pass from $6 to $5.50.

    Four 5-Ride passes will now be a total of $22, which equates to the current deal offered with the 20-ride pass.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

    *20-Ride passes will still be accepted as a form of payment on our buses, we are just suspending the sale of this product at our offices.


    To better determine ADA eligibility, the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority has changed the ADA application. An electronic copy can be found at www.ride-the-e.com/programs.

    The following persons with disabilities are eligible for EMTA door-to-door ADA services:

    1. Any person with a disability who is unable, as a result of a physical or mental impairment, and without the assistance of another individual (expect the operator of the wheelchair lift) to board, ride or disembark from any public bus
    2. Any person with a disability who has a specific impairment-related condition which prevents them from traveling to or from a bus stop on the public bus system.
    3. Architectural and environment barriers such as distance, terrain or weather, do not, standing alone, form a basis for eligibility. However, a person may be eligible if the interaction of the disability and barriers prevent the person from traveling to or from the public bus stop.


    Persons whose disability does not prevent them from using public bus service with be advised to apply for EMTA’s Reduced Transit Fare Program. Under this program, customers ride for 1/2 the full fare on EMTA’s handicap accessible buses.

    A grace period for old applications will be offered for 30 days to accommodate the switchover. For more information on ADA eligibility call your EMTA Customer Service Representative at (814)-455-3330.


    Thank you,

    EMTA Management

  • EMTA to launch new service in Corry PA, Erie County’s second largest city

    Starting November 9th the EMTA will launch community-based service in Corry PA, Erie County’s second largest city. The route will operate Monday-Friday servicing key destinations including; Corry Hospital, Corry Industrial Park, Corry Senior Center, and low-income housing complexes.

    The Transit Authority selected Corry for its initial service expansion due to its population, customer feedback, and information contained in a report titled Destination Erie: A Regional Vision (Destination Erie), as well as, comments received from Erie County’s 2010-2012 Transportation Plan Update.

    In 2014, EMTA retained Delta Development Group, Inc. to evaluate the viability of providing public transportation service in Corry. A community survey was developed and disseminated to obtain feedback from residents with regard to the need and interest in transit service.  Ninety-one percent of the community indicated that they would be interested in riding public transportation if it was available in their area.

    A small circular route in Union City will also launch in late November. The circular will service the borough and industrial areas during peak hours. To complete the initial service expansion in southeast Erie County, EMTA has scheduled a merger between the 105 Corry Loop and the Union City circular for mid-2016.

    The Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority’s Service Expansion Project continues to measure the need for public transportation in the under-served areas in Erie County. The transit agency’s next steps are to measure the need for public transportation in West County, specifically the boroughs of Fairview, Girard, and Lake City. EMTA and the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership will host a public meeting regarding the possible service expansion. The meeting will be held on November 10th at 5:00 PM in the Girard Borough Hall.