View the routes and stops of the Bayliner Trolleys and where they are now with this interactive map.

What is Trolley Tracker?
The system, which is based on a private wireless communications infrastructure, provides coordinated trolley tracking ability that affords real-time departure information. This makes it easy for passengers to know when the next trolley will arrive at their location.

There is a Real-Time Mapping LCD Monitor located at the Hamot Medical Center and the Bayfront Convention Center. These high-traffic locations are perfect for riders to view where the Bayliner Trolleys are at that very moment and when they are expected to arrive at their location.  This allows riders anywhere to know when to be at the stop as the trolley arrives as opposed to standing outside in the elements and waiting for the it to come. This new system provides the rider with more flexibility and allows for better time management.

How to use the Online Trolley Tracker to plan your trip
Real-time information is available by clicking on a map of the route that allows them to view where the bus is at that moment. Simply clicking on a trolley icon will allow passengers to see if it is, in fact, running on time. They can also click on a stop to see the next three departure times of the route from that stop. Maps are updated every thirty seconds plus any time a bus departs a scheduled stop. The system also features public messaging capabilities, allowing the e to post information to our riders. Passengers can also select a bus stop to determine the estimated arrival time for the next bus due at that location, which allows them to better ordinate and plan future trips.

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